Before the HIV: A Date at Tin Lizzies Pt. 1

Friday, 09/05/2014. He was flexible; I surmise I changed our meeting time about four times, before I settled into 10:30pm like it was warm blanket. This was the second time, I was meeting this guy, I’ll call him Hank, for drinks. We arrived at Tin Lizzies at Dunwoody in sync. Him in a pair of grey new balances, dark denim jeans, black and grey three quarter length long sleeve t-shirt. While at home, I worked on squeezing my ass in to a balanceable jean ex: tight enough to make him excited, lax enough for me to sit down. I’ve put on some mass below the waist area, so I had to go with a pair of knit medium grey shorts I picked up from Zara two seasons ago.


That Friday was our second meeting; I’m reluctant to call it a date. The first was back in July; your guess is as good as mine as to why it was such a long interval between meetings. Because, I’m from California, and more importantly because I’ve been busting my ass off in the gym, I greeted him in a horizontal stripped red on white tank top.


I had met Hank once before, we went to a pub in Toco Hills; he ordered water; I ordered a pitcher of long island ice tea. He was handsome, that time. This time, he was downright fine; my eyes salivated when I saw him. He wasn’t any taller, but somehow he was. His shoulders weren’t any broader, but somehow they were. I loved his walk. I was adoring his manhood.

Days later, on my black leather futon, I contemplated on why I had this sudden euphoria when I was around Hank. I hypothesize it’s because the first time, although I was two months out of a relationship, I was seeing other men frequently. (That’s what probably caused the long drought as well). By the time I had met up with Hank on Friday, I wasn’t going on dates with anyone else; because I was no longer dividing my attention, I could truly see him.


He’s part vegetarian and part vegan; eating around him is a real chore. I just got salsa and guacamole; unfortunately for us we hated the guacamole. The drinks flowed and the conversation followed suit. We talked about careers, misfortunes, coming to happiness, ambitions, and our missed sexual encounter. We exited the restaurant at midnight.


We stayed in the parking lot to converse for a minute; a minute turned into three in the morning, as I acted as Saturn walking around in circles, pulling towards him then walking away. And once, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me towards him.


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