Month: June 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Add Janet Jackson’s New Single “No Sleeep” to Your Sex Playlist

If you’ve followed my musings or know anything about me personally then you’ll know Dawn Richard, from Diddy Dirty Money to her solo efforts, is why I am still in love with music. However, Janet Damita Jo the Oscar nominated songwriter is the reason why I fell in love with music in the first place.

With the debut of new single “No Sleeep” Janet, a twelve time Soul Train Music Awards winner, has me falling in love, yet again . . . and wanting to make love too.

So here are my TOP 5 reasons every Single Black Queer Male should add “No Sleeep” to their bump ‘n’ grind playlist.

5) Making Love vs. Getting Fucked.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand for a good pounding over something slow and sensual, but sometimes you do need to shift the gears. Even if you aren’t in love — making love or getting lost in the fantasy of making love can be a temporary, but worthwhile release.

4) You’re Guaranteed To Get At Least 5 Orgasms

Ms. Jackson (cause I’m nasty) has a built in goal for the lovers to reach on this song “48 hours of love/it’s gonna be a weekend marathon.” For those that are competitive and for those that have trouble setting their own marks, Janet has set a two day lovemaking session objective that will no doubt result in multiple orgasm and I’m sure some leg cramps.

3) Jump on the Bandwagon

Since Control’s “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)” Janet has been lending her vocals to the soundtrack to our bedrooms. I have multiple sex playlist on my Iphone and a Janet track (slow, mid, or up tempo) is always included.

2) The Rain

The plush production by Grammy Award winning duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis begins with the sound of rainfall a la “Any Time Any Place”. Who doesn’t love to have sex in the rain or at least when it is raining. The smell of rain is like natural poppers it makes bottoms looser and tops harder (and the vers pick a damn position.) Even if it’s faux rain the production is a great reason to make love.

1) Easy to Stroke to

Anyone who knows a Janet track knows there is honestly three artist on the track: Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The final reason to add Janet’s new adult contemporary single “No Sleeep” to your sex playlist is also the production. With its midtempo beat and funk groove keyboard slipped in the background,  it is easy for tops or those topping to find their stroke and catch it and it is easy on this track for bottoms or those bottoming to throw it back. Too many times the stroke-challenged have been fucking to a club banger and they just haven’t been able to keep up with the beat resulting in them derailing. If we are to meet Janet’s challenge of 48 hours of lovemaking it is very important that the stroke be correct, steady, and faithful.

Honoary Mention for the Masturborty Inclined


If you are a lovelorn individual pining over a certain someone, this is the perfect song to take care of business by yourself until the two of your are together.

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